From Slum School To Solar Bags: Meet Pakistan’s Pride Rohayl Varind


PRIDE OF PAKISTAN: Young social activist Rohayl Varind is the first male Pakistani to be a jury member at the World Summit Awards.

Rohayl Varind is not an unknown name to social activism in Pakistan. Since his early years, Rohayl has been involved in welfare activities and has done all in his capacity to improve the society we are living in.
Rising to national fame after winning World Youth Summit Awards for his project ‘Voice Of R’ in Sao Paulo, Brazil back in 2015, Rohayl has dedicated most of his early youth towards elevating the quality of life for the underprivileged.

He initiated and introduced the concept of Wall of Humanity in Faisalabad, inspired by Iranian Wall of Kindness. He invited people to donate anything they wanted – ranging from food to clothes – and needy could easily take it from there. The revolutionary concept then inspired youth across the country and was adopted by them in many cities as well.

Rohayl regularly arranges the Wall and is respected, loved as a hero by the underprivileged community.
He then came out with another revolutionary idea – his infamous Slum School.
Established in Faisalabad in December 2016, the Slum School now educates over 30 children. With mainstream syllabus, the kids are taught moral values, ethics and etiquettes as well to make them a civilized, resourceful human being.

Rohayl also launched Solar Backpacks – a one of a kind initiative – for these students. Solar Backpacks, as he defines them, are ‘’a school bag that charges during the day so that poor children and those involved in child labour can use it at night.”

Recognizing and impressed by his efforts, World Summit Awards again approached Rohayl – this time, to be a jury member.
Along with National Experts, National Committees and National Awards, Rohayl played a significant role in the selection of projects that can contribute positively to the society. He attended the World Summit Awards Global Congress and Winners Ceremony from 20th to 22nd of March 2018 in Vienna, Austria.

Expressing his gratitude and recognition of his efforts on an international level, Rohayl said:

“I feel honoured that I am representing Pakistan internationally at one of the world’s biggest forums”

“Pakistanis are talented, hardworking, peace-loving people. I am honoured to become the First Male ambassador and Jury Member of WSA from Pakistan”



Rohayl is the first male Pakistani jury member to be a part of WSA. Rohayl’s life and contribution are an inspiration to Pakistani youth. Till the future belongs to selfless and revolutionary hearts like him, Pakistan is in safe hands.

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