Here is how you can apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Program 2023 as a Pakistani student

Here's everything you need to know.

Here is how you can apply for the Fulbright Scholarship Program 2023

The Fulbright Scholarship Program is a product of the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP).

It is now open for students, and they can apply for the 2023 Fulbright Scholarship Program. The Fulbright Masters, as well as Ph.D., is funded by the US Department of State. It will cover airfare, living stipend, health insurance, and even textbooks – along with tuition.

Applications from any discipline can apply to the program. On the other hand, Graduate Record Examination GRE is a must for all candidates. Students need a minimum score of 138 in verbal, and 136 in the quantitative section to become eligible.

It is also essential that you are fluent in English, and TOELF is also a requirement. There is no work experience required to apply for the scholarship unless you are a Public Administration/Policy or MBA student. You can also change your academic field, but you need to demonstrate you have a good preparation for your new field.

Women from rural and underrepresented areas are specifically encouraged to apply.

Who is eligible for Fulbright Scholarship Program

Students who are from Pakistan or AJK can apply to the program. They must be willing to come back to Pakistan, after their tenure abroad is over. People from all disciplines are eligible, except those from clinical medicine.

It is important to have a Bachelor’s degree. You can also have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree  (16 years of formal education). Those who want to apply for Ph.D. need to have a Master’s, M.Phil. or a comparable degree (18 years of formal education).

How to apply

To apply, you need to have:

  • Scanned transcripts, including an explanation of the university’s grading scale
  • GRE score
  • Application form
  • Three reference letters

You can also submit HEC-attested documents, but the department will also accept the degree with a transcript. Only online applications will be considered.

Visit the website for more info.

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