Fulfilling Another One Of The Promises, PM To Launch ‘Naya Pakistan Youth Program’ Soon

There is no doubt in the fact that Prime Minister Imran Khan has delivered in almost all the departments he promised he would in. You can disagree with the pace or if it was ‘enough’ – but definitely one cannot disregard that the process was at least initiated. The first 100 days of the new government have turned out to be days of full new development, change and growth.

Imran Khan has recently had a meeting with Usman Dar, who is the current chairman of PM’s very own Youth Program as he plans to fulfil another one of his promises to the nation. The PM was quite content with the efforts of Usman Dar and appointed him as a special assistant for youth affairs. The PM also decided to launch ‘Naya Pakistan Youth Program’ in just a few upcoming days.

Usman Dar after the meeting stated that he will not withdraw any salary as a special assistant to the Prime Minister. He further stated that he will rather invest money in people than on laptops etc.

‘’We will spend money on the youth and not on laptops. I will work with the prime minister to empower youth to become independent’’ – Usman Dar

His work ethics and statements rather had a good impression on the PM, as he himself praised his efforts stating that Usman Dar was the best choice to supervise the Naya Pakistan Youth Policy.
A big part of Khan’s supporters are a part of the country’s youth, and he acknowledged them. He says that by this new program, he wanted to in return give something back to them for years of countless support and the faith that they had whole-heartedly endowed in him.

“If the youth did not support us, we may not have been in power today. We will provide the youth with facilities which have never been given before.” – Said Imran Khan.

The problems of the youth have often been disregarded, but this is a big step, not only for our youth but for the entire nation.

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