Fulfilling His Promise, Sindh’s Education Minister Admits His Children In Public Schools

The education sector in Sindh has met criticism several times in the past due to being pushed down on the provincial government’s priority list. After KPK government previously induced well-thought measures in the province that are expected to generate long-term and short-term results, people have high expectations from the current government to revolutionize the education system countrywide.

Taking a significant step towards betterment and fulfilling his promise, Sindh’s Education Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah has enrolled his daughter and two nieces in a public school. His daughter Kaif ul Wara and nieces named Aliza and Umeza were admitted in Pilot Primary School.

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The said school is a merger unit of Meeran High School in Hyderabad. The admission forms were submitted by the minister himself to the Principal’s office. The minister made a promise to revamp the public schools in Sindh previously. He showed his determination towards the cause saying “I have proved my sincere approach that aims to promote the #LetsOwnOurPublicSchools rhetoric.”

Talking to media outside the school, Sardar Ali Shah said that public is motivated by your personal conduct hence it is imperative to lead by example and take the first step. He said he has fulfilled the promise he made on the assembly floor.

“Change begins at home, and the world is not moved by mere rhetoric but your personal examples”

He added that he took this first step to own the public schools. If he himself doesn’t prefer admitting his children here, why will someone else want to do it? When he was questioned if he will direct other people from his department to do the same, he said that it isn’t a matter of ‘imposition’ but a matter of ‘conscience’.

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