Here are some of the Funniest memes on the cannoli scandal

The Cannoli scandal has taken the internet by storm

You must have come across the viral video of a couple of elite, English-speaking owners of an Islamabad restaurant, Cannoli, who tried to banter with their manager but created a hot mess.

The Cannoli scandal has taken the internet by storm. The owners of the restaurant are now facing backlash from millions of angry people. 

Following this, Pakistani people come with some of the funniest memes ever.

guys am i speaking properly? Kia society mujhe accept karegi? ?Anyways, boycott cannoli and stop judging others. Start respecting others. If you speak English and if you have a very good accent, trust me, it’s nth to be proud of. Have a good day. ? #boycottcannoli

Posted by Hareem Rehan on Thursday, January 21, 2021


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  • I think they hired him and when they hired him, did they not know about his communication skills in english. If it was one of their criterion for hiring him then who took his interview? I think that person should also have been there.

    But I think this guy who is Manager, he deserved little bit of mockery because when he is saying that he studied one and half years then how dumb he is that he could not speak one sentence properly.

    I think it is bit unfair to blame these girls only because it is very easy to blame rich but at the same time you should also think that they kept him on the job for 9 years and never fired him because of his English.

    Lastly, i think it is bit of publicity sentence.

    • I could make fun of you for not knowing hundreds of languages spoken around the world, and for not having even a basic understanding of thousands of ancient languages that have existed in the past.

      There is infinite knowledge in the universe, and making mockery of an individual for not having enough in one particular aspect is despicable. These women should be ashamed of themselves, and if they think of themselves as superior to the humble man, than they can put their money where their mouths are.

      Although I do agree with you that this incident did generate a lot of social media hype and publicity (albeit negative) for the cafe, and it is not inconcievable to believe that it might have been, in-fact, a publicity stunt.

  • if you were getting bored, i could entertain you…hmmm….. really good…. please be my guest….

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