These 12 ridiculously FUNNY Pakistani TVCs that will make your day! [WATCH]

Pretty amusing!

While the Pakistani advertising fraternity has many gems associated with its name, it has a history of producing some of the most embarrassing advertisements. Call it a marketing stunt or a wrong business decision; these “shockingly” creative ads end up garnering major attention on social media. However, all these local ads attract is a bunch of laughs and criticism.

Here are some of the worst commercials to come out of Pakistan:

1. Local Rental Car Service

Please don’t say we didn’t warn you about this one. You will never stay the same after watching this.

2. Kit Kat Talcum Powder

This advertisement will indeed send you on a laughter fit. Don’t believe us? Try for yourself!

3. Johnny & Jugnu Shaami Burger

‘Saperas’ selling burgers – can you visualize that? Let this ad help widen your scope of imagination!

4. Cozy Haleem

‘Cozy Haleem Yaara, Zaika Hai Iska Pyaara’ – we apologize in advance if this rendition of ‘Mehendi Laga K Rakhna’ doesn’t leave your head for days.

5. Qamar Tea

What exactly is the crux of this advertisement? ‘Qamar Cha, Wah Bhai Wah.’ We fail to comprehend, can you?

6. Nargis Beauty Careem

One tube solution to (literally) all your skin problems! What is it? Magic? No, it’s Nargis Beauty Cream. Watch the video to shock yourself to the core.

7. Yadgar Desi Atta

We can’t decide if this ad is sexist or plainly illogical. Would you care to share your two cents on this?

8. Cheema Mobiles

Catchy tunes, dancing guys, and absolute idiocy – Cheema Mobiles surely narrows “successful” advertisement down to the bone.

9. Josh Condoms (Ft. Mathira)

Produced majorly for viral content purposes, we are unsure if this ad was created to generate sales or scar people for life.

10. Treet Kala Blade

Treet Kala – Shave Banaey Bohut Aala! The journey of a man from a Neanderthal to a modern-day Playboy – watch how one Treet Kala blade makes it all possible.

11. Al-Shaikh Fan

We’d rather not give you any spoilers for this advertisement. Witness the “Al-Shaikh Fan Chowk Chobor Jee” for yourself – mind you, it’s an experience.

12. Hanif Tailor

We can’t wrap our heads around whether they offer tailoring services or matchmaking. Care to elaborate?

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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