Gallup Survey: Around 90% Pakistanis in favor of compulsory Arabic classes

This bill makes Arabic classes mandatory at all primary and secondary schools in Islamabad Capital Territory.

What Is Importance of Arabic Language in Islam?A recent survey shows that around 90% of Pakistanis favor a senate bill that makes Arabic classes compulsory at school.

Last month, Pakistan’s upper house of parliament approved the Compulsory Teaching of the Arabic Language Bill 2020.

Infographic: The Spectrum of Love in Classical Arabic | Qatar Foundation International

This bill makes Arabic classes mandatory at all primary and secondary schools in the Islamabad Capital Territory.

“Around 89% of Pakistanis said that they are in favor of the approval of a Senate bill that calls for the Arabic language to be a mandatory part of the syllabus in educational institutions,” Gallup & Gilani (Pakistan) said in the study released on Friday.

The study was carried out between the 6th of February and the 27th of February.

Around 1,503 men and women in urban and rural areas of 100 districts participated. all four provinces of Pakistan took part in the survey.

To become law, the Senate bill on Arabic teaching now requires approval by the National Assembly.

The lawmaker who presented the bill, opposition senator Javed Abbasi, argued that command of Arabic, the official language of over 25 nations, would open up more job opportunities for Pakistanis in the Middle East, leading to lower unemployment and increased remittances.

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  • I also support compulsory Arabic classes. If every jew has to learn Hebrew in their schools then why can’t a Muslim learn Arabic in their schools?

  • Simple logic. If every Muslim has to hear the first thing on birth is in Arabic (Azan), last thing he utters on death bed is in Arabic (Kailma) five times a day prayers in Arabic, he/she should rather know the meaning of it instead of rote it out like a parrot. I would go a step further to wuggest making Arabic the National language. Urdu has no roots and is a mixture of languages, while Arabic is inevitable as mentioned above. So, we should be practical.

  • unfortunately, we know more Hindi then urdu

    we need to focus on Arabic more

  • طبقاتی تقسیم سے مستفیض ہونے والا طبقہ عیاشیہ المشہور کالے انگریز عوامی رائے کو کبھی بھی تسلیم نہیں کرے گا۔

  • یہ بہت اچھا ہو گا ۔اسی طرح قرآنی عربی پورے پاکستان کے اسکولز کے لیے لازمی قرار دینی چاہیے

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