Gallup Survey Reveals Pakistanis Consider Inflation As The Biggest Problem

A recent survey by Gallup Pakistan has revealed that majority of the Pakistanis consider inflation as the biggest problem being faced by the country at the moment.

According to the data released, 53 percent of Pakistanis consideres inflation as the biggest problem in the country. Meanwhile, 23 percent of the people are of the opinion that unemployment is the second major problem being faced by the country.

Kashmir issue was seen as the third major problem by the participants of the survey. Data shows that only 8% of Pakistanis consider Kashmir as a major problem.

Despite the fact that majority of the people voted Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf over it’s anti-corruption narrative. But only 4 percent of the people see corruption as a major problem.

Furthermore, 4% Pakistanis see water crisis as a major problem while only 2% people consider dengue virus and political instability as a major problem.

In spite of the recent spark in the number of dengue cases across the country, it is surprising to see that only 2% people consider it as a major problem.

Load shedding was considered the least important of the problems the country is facing. Only 1% Pakistanis consider it a major problem.

According to Gallup, the survey was carried out in different parts of the country from October 7-20. A total of 1200 men and women from all walks of life participated in the survey.


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