Gang involved in kidnapping of newborn babies, using them in begging busted in Karachi

A crackdown was recently launched against the begging mafia in the federal capital, Islamabad.


A gang involved in kidnapping newborn babies from hospitals and forcing the children into begging has been arrested in Karachi. The police arrested a group consisting of one woman and two men when they were trying to kidnap a baby near Civil Hospital, Orangi Town.

A crackdown was recently launched against the begging mafia in the federal capital, Islamabad. Although it has been actively working in the form of an organized racket, they often went unnoticed.

Following the investigation, two contractors, who were actively working in three begging zones, were arrested by the authorities. However, two from Tarnol and Bari Imam disappeared.

The arrested contractors were identified as Tanvir Asad (9th Avenue, IJ Principal Road, I-8, I-9, and I-10 and its adjacent areas), Mohammad Ashfaq covering I-9 and I-10 Markets and Mohammad Salim (Kohsar Market, Super Market and traffic signals falling in his jurisdiction).

Some police officials were also arrested for facilitating and providing protection to the mafia. A departmental inquiry was initiated against them. DIG (Operations) Waqar Uddin Syed confirmed that the inquiry is underway and the responsible officials would be suspended.

The mafia had divided the capital into five operative zones: 
  1. F-6 and F-5 (including Marriott)
  2. G Sectors including 5, 6, 7 and F-7
  3. Faisal Avenue up to Faizabad and from Faizabad to Rawat
  4. F-8 and F and G Sectors from 9 to 14
  5. Imam Barri.

These contractors provide shelter to these beggars in Khanna, Zia Masjid, Mera Badi and Bhara Kahu. Every contractor has 10-15 beggars employed, who have to pay them Rs.1000 daily.

“Underage beggars are valuable for the contractors because they use all efforts only to gather more money ending to thefts, mugging and finally armed robberies and killings,” read the report.

The contractors constituted an unannounced association to watch their interests. According to the SoP, the contractor of one zone could not interfere in the affairs of the other ‘administrative zone’.

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