Gang of women offer sexual favors, then assault Nigerian footballer when he refuses

A gang of sex worker women mugged and attacked a Nigerian footballer in Dubai.

A 26-year-old Nigerian footballer fell victim to a group of women offering sexual favors at the Naif area in Dubai, who assailed and robbed him.

He was reaching his parked car when he was approached by a Ugandan woman who offered him sexual services, which he turned down.

The footballer was then shoved by the woman, after which a mob of about 10 women emerged and attacked him, looting his possessions.

As per official records, women stole a gold chain, an expensive watch, and Dh3715 from the victim.

The victim reported being scared at first, after which he returned to the area to inform the Naif Police Station about the incident.

One of the offenders was caught by the police and was charged with practicing prostitution and robbery. She received a two-year sentence and is to be deported subsequently. The 33-year-old was also charged with a Dh6215 fine.

Other members of the gang are yet to be captured.

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