‘Gang rape, torture and electrocuting private parts’ – Victims share horrific ordeals of Indian Army’s brutality

Kashmiris have paid a very heavy price for many decades in their struggle to achieve independence.

indian army

The people of the State of Jammu & Kashmir who were once an independent and sovereign nation have been subjected to oppression, suppression and forced division since the 27th of October 1947.

Kashmiris have paid a very heavy price for many decades in their struggle to achieve independence. One cannot imagine the inhumane treatment they have been enduring since 1947.

A prize-winning book named “A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His Arm a Tiny Bomb” has listed stories of Indian brutality and torture on Kashmiris.

Chapter: A Night in an Indian Camp

Basharat Peer, a Kashmiri journalist, and writer , recorded the words of a man tortured at Papa-2, the infamous interrogation center in Srinagar.

The man said, “They tied copper wires around your arms and administered high voltage shocks. Every hair on your body stood up. However, the worst was when they inserted the copper wire into my penis, deep into the urinary canal, and gave electric shocks. They did it with most boys. It destroyed many lives many could not marry after that.

Gang-raped on the night of her wedding 

Basharat Peer wrote in his book ‘Curfewed Night’ about a married couple Rashid and Mubeena who were not aware that their most beautiful night would soon turn into the most horrible nightmare of their lives.

On their way back home, the couple was attacked and beaten by Indian army. Five bullets hit the groom, Rashid . The bride, Mubeena and her maid were gang-raped.

Three bullets hit Mubeena in her shoulder, back, and hip. Mubeena stood along with her bridesmaid and others by the roadside. She was bleeding, when a group of soldiers dragged her and raped her. “I could not even remember how many they were. I lost my senses,” Mubeena said.

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  • We are with humanity and Indian are doing tortured, raped with Muslim women, harrassment, and any violence in Kashmir, we prays for all the muslims and India will be destroy InshaAllah

  • Lgta h ab jung ho jani chahye india pakistan ki, or pakistan ko atom bom ab use kr laina chahye, uska achaar dalna h kya?

  • It’s very clear that Indian army, police and Hindu politician are not human any more. I would call them dogs of Hell. Not only because of the above report you can generally see evidence on any social media platform. Shame on India and people of India. Allah is watching and you will see the results very soon InshAllah. May Allah protect all muslim ummah.

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