Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) to upgrade historical tourist spots in the city

The government will also construct East-bay Expressway to ensure smooth traffic flow.



GDA: Gwadar city is all set to make its strong imprints as the Balochistan government has launched several development projects under the banner, In a bid to upgrade historical sports and attract more tourism in the province, measures are being taken as well.


“The city administration has also been given the special task of taking inclusive steps to ensure the provision of basic amenities to the city dwellers,” an official of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) told the Associated Press Pakistan on Monday.

He added that in the first phase of development projects, a six-kilometer long sewerage line with the cost of Rs 570 million is likely to be completed soon. In the second phase, in the near future, the development work on 16 kilometers long sewerage line at a cost of Rs 750 million will be started.

The official added that this is the first provincial government which has taken the lead in developing Gwadar city’s old infrastructure. The Balochistan government has allotted a significant part of the budget to renovating and revamping the city’s infrastructure.

”With the construction of roads, the fishermen would get easy access to the port and would get a swift route to transfer their hunted fish to the market”, the official said.

He added that GDA would construct modern Monuments at Mala Fazal Chowk as part of the master plan to attract more tourists. The government will also construct East-bay Expressway to ensure smooth traffic flow, particularly on the main artery of the Gwadar Port. East-bay Expressway will be connected with the main National Highways.

The government is also working to establish a new hospital in Gwadar, equipped with modern facilities, to provide people with quality health services. Previously, the progress was claimed on paper but no practical work was done.

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