Geert Wilders’ Right-hand Man Converts To Islam

Joram Jaron van Klaveren is a well known former Dutch politician. He has been known for holding a position in the parliament for the far-right ‘’Freedom Party (PVV)’’ from the years 2010 to 2014. However, he gave his resignation from the PVV (in 2014) mainly because of Geert Wilders who holds the office as a leader of the PVV since the year 2006. Geert Wilders made some discriminatory/derogatory and racist comments on the Moroccans which displeased Klaveren and pushed him into resigning from the party

Van Klaveren decided to set up a party of his own but he ended up quitting politics completely in the year 2017 after the national elections as he had failed to win a seat.

Van Klaveren is not only known for his political career but also for his ‘’Islamophobia’’. Things however completely changed for him when he was writing a book on Islam which altered his views to an extent that at the age of 39, he made the decision of converting to Islam. This took many people by surprise as before last October, people knew him as someone with extremely radical anti-Islam views.

What changed Van Klaveren’s mind was the study on Islam that he did while writing his book on the religion as he clearly specified it during his interview with the Dutch Radio. He says that he went through so many things that concluded in making his views on Islam falter. And so, he saw Islam with a different perspective.

Van Klaveren isn’t the first ‘’formerly associated’’ member of the PVV that converted to Islam but Klaveren’s decision is known to be made after following the footsteps of another ex-PVV member, Arnoud Van Doorn who also converted to Islam, and showed his happiness upon Klaveren’s announcement. He took to Twitter to express that he never expected to see so many individuals from his former party converting to Islam.

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