28,000 people have applied for ‘gender reassignment surgery’ in the last 3 years in Pakistan

Gender symbols

According to reports, the Ministry of Interior has recently received numerous applications from people seeking gender reassignment surgery. The Ministry has submitted the details of applications received to the Senate for approval.

As per details, 28,723 individuals have applied for gender reassignment surgery during the incumbent government’s rule.

Speaking to a media outlet, the interior ministry spokesperson shared why people request a sex change surgery. He said:

Citizens apply for gender reassignment due to medical reasons.

Summary of Data from 2018 to 2021

According to data provided by trusted sources, several men and women have sought approval for gender reassignment surgery from 2018 to 2021. A total of 16,530 men applied for gender reassignment (from men to women), while 12,154 women sought gender reassignment (from women to men). It should be noted that nine men applied for gender reassignment (from men to transgender), 21 transgender people requested gender reassignment (from transgender to men), and nine transgender people wanted gender reassignment (from transgender to women).

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