Genocide against transgenders: 70 transgender people murdered in KP in the last few years

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A few days ago, five trans women were shot and injured in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, after a group of armed men broke into their residence and opened fire.

After the attack, the wounded transgender persons were taken to the Ayub Medical Complex.

In another incident, a renowned transgender person Chaand was killed in Mardan during firing while her friend Mehboob sustained injuries.

Following this, the transgender community has called on the management to hold the criminals accountable.

The renowned Pakistani Lawyer and social activist tweeted, “There is a genocide against transgender people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while everyone concentrates on political tamasha in this country. As many as 70 transgender person have been murdered in KP in the last few years; the killing spree is unimaginable in the last few days.”

Attacks on the trans community in Pakistan are not unusual. In October of 2021, another transgender person in Mansehra was seriously injured after an armed man attacked and tried to rape her. She was slashed through her neck with a dagger. In 2018, again in Mansehra, a transgender person was attacked and tortured at her home.

In 2016 in Peshawar, a transgender person died after hospital staff postponed her treatment as they couldn’t decide whether to place a trans patient in the female or male ward.

In Pakistan, the transgender community has historically faced stigma, poverty, and marginalization, despite many laws passed for its protection. 

In 2018, parliament legislated the progressive Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act 2018, which legally guarantees equal protection to transgender citizens and defends their rights. The law authorizes people to choose their gender identity on official documents and forbids discrimination in schools, work, public transportation, or hospitals.

Overcoming these difficulties, Dr. Sara Gill became the first transgender doctor in Pakistan earlier this year.

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  • It is sad, no words can justify this horrible action or can heal the wounds. But I think starting from 2018, we see a huge change in the behavior of Pakistanis towards our transgender citizens. And this is due to the present government which beleives in Humanity.

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