GEO TV Apologizes And Invites Javed Miandad For A Show, He Refuses

Former cricketer Javed Miandad lashed out at Geo TV for making fun of him.


Former cricketing legend Javed Miandad was extremely disgruntled at GEO TV for mocking him in one of their TV shows. Sharing a video in which he was being mimicked, Miandad warned TV channels that he would take legal action against them if they did not refrain from personal attacks.

“I have done so much for my country. I have always supported my country. The mimicry should be done in a decent manner, and my name should not be taken directly as it can promote a false image,” Miandad said.

Here’s the video:


However, journalist Waheed Khan recently shared that GEO TV apologized and invited Miandad for a PSL show to honour him, but he refused to come.

Miandad was extremely offended and said that this is no way to treat someone who has always unconditionally supported Pakistan. He said that entertainment and mimicry should be done while maintaining a barrier of respect.

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