Geo Network owes me a huge amount: Ayesha Omer

Ayesha Omer is one of the most successful Pakistani celebrities having worked in many hit projects. Yet, she tells you that she hasn’t been paid for her work by many top media houses including Geo TV Network.

Talking in an interview, Ayesha Omer opened up about her struggle for her own money. The Bulbulay star also disclosed that she is still awaiting the payment for her work in the movie Yalghaar.

“A lot of people have big amounts of money stuck with major organisations. The problem is, if we make too much noise, we are termed as ‘difficult’. The Geo Network owes me a huge amount for a soap that I acted in for them ages ago. Indus Music is yet to pay me a large chunk of money. I wasted three years of my life on [the film] Yalghaar and I still haven’t been paid in full for it.”

Ayesha Omer went on to reveal her bad experience with the PISA organizers just as many other celebrities. She revealed that despite agreeing upon paying for everything, they [PISA organizers] didn’t even pay for her meal and return ticket.

Ayesha Omer further added that she had texted the PISA organizers quite a few times about her payment but they don’t even bother to reply.

The Karachi Se Lahore actress also discussed how the hate comments on her social media post are not fair.

“It’s so unfair. Who are all these people to judge me? “I have never retaliated to their comments but they do sadden me. As a celebrity, I have a public life and a personal life, and people are free to comment on my public persona. But what I do in my free time is up to me. I just want to ask all the people who pass cruel comments so easily, how would they feel if their own private matters were aired out for public judgment?

According to her, following the continuous social media bashing, she is now more care than before while uploading pictures on Instagram. Ayesha Omer added that she also asks her friends not to post her pictures or videos on social media sites.


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