George Clooney Gave $1 Million To 14 Of His Friends And The Reason Is Heart-touching – Read It Here

It’s a famous saying that ‘Hollywood changes people.’ This is true as fame and money does change the way people think and treat their relationships, but not all. George Clooney is one of them. Talk about talent, and you simply can’t ignore this name. Actor, producer, director, philanthropist and screenwriter – George has amplified his name in all these spheres simply changing the dynamics of the entire industry.

Along with that, he also is an incredible human being. According to his friends, he is a very generous and giving friend. Well, this reflects it too. Recently, a very close friend of Clooney, Rande Gerber,  narrated an incident that ended up with us admiring him even more. In an episode of MSNBC’s Headliner’s, he said that Clooney once gifted 14 of his close friends $1 million each.

He said that George invited ‘The Boys to his house for a dinner on 27th September 2013 and gave everyone bags when they reached there. He said that it is a gift from him, for always being there for him and sticking around when he had nothing.

Source: The Daily Beast

Each bag contained $1 million that shocked them. They couldn’t believe it. Rande said that he refused to accept it, but George announced that if he doesn’t agree, no one will get it.


He added that he had the family fortune so was persistent on returning it, but some of the other friends were not in a very good financial condition. He told that one of those boys worked at a bar and drove a bicycle to work. Thinking how this amount can be life-changing for them, Rande accepted the amount and gave it to charity.

George Clooney With His Wife, Amal Clooney

Rande Gerber also added that George is generous like that. But positivity always finds its way back to you. He said that this all happened on 27th September 2013, and on the same date in 2014, Clooney married the gorgeous and talented Amal Clooney. He commented that marrying a woman like her was his good karma.

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