German Ambassador Roams Around In Pakistani Cities To Change World’s Perspective About Pakistan

German Ambassador to Pakistan, Martin Kobler was recently seen ambling in the streets of Peshawar. Not only does he seem to absolutely love the city, but he also had had a haircut in the local barber shop and interacted with common people.
His kind gesture was appreciated on the social media, where Kobler is already pretty popular. He shares his experiences on his Twitter account often with pictures usually captioned in the Urdu language. His posts are regularly shared and enjoyed by people.

Martin is also among those few people who extend their warmest and sincere wishes to Pakistani nation on special occasions. He recently also congratulated the people on the return of International cricket to Pakistan, which surely was an event close to our hearts.

He took a tour to different cities of Pakistan and shared his experience via pictures. His humble appreciation and kind words gained him a lot of popularity among Pakistanis. Not just that, his gesture helped the entire world see a better image of Pakistan.

He seems to equally love Lahore as we all do!

On his Twitter, he recently shared pictures of himself getting a haircut and buying dried fruit from a local shop in Peshawar. He captioned his picture saying that he got a haircut from a young barber on Peshawar’s streets. Along with his heartwarming post, he also uploaded a picture posing with him.

His post got an immense response, where people responded to his love with equal appreciation. It was also re-tweeted by the official account of Tehreek e Insaf K-P chapter, calling German Ambassador’s fearless stroll as a sign of prevalence of peace in the province.

What are your thoughts on his kind and humble gesture? Let us know in the comments below.

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