German Ambassador Urges Pakistanis To Wear Helmet In A Video Message Regarding Road Safety

Martin Kobler, a German career diplomat and Germany’s ambassador to Pakistan is rather quite a popular personality among the public. His efforts to integrate with the people of Pakistan have gained him a popularity that very few foreigners enjoy.

He also uses his positive influence to educate people wherever he can and he did the same here in his short video message raising awareness about road safety. The government of Pakistan has stressed enough on the issue and has urged the public to wear helmets for their own safety, however since the general public takes is unaware of the significance and magnitude of the problem, they take it for granted.

According to a WHO (World Health Organization) report published in 2013, road accidents will become the highest cause of death by the year 2030.

Traffic accidents kill on average 15 people in Pakistan daily. As per WHO, road accidents are claiming lives of over 30,000 people every year. That means with average 20 people in 10,000 people losing their lives to road accidents every year, Pakistan ranks 67th in the world.

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With revisiting our rules and regulations, Pakistanis also need to take critical safety measures to prevent such unfortunate incidents from happening.

After missing a near hit himself, Martin Kobler took to twitter stressing on the importance of wearing helmets. In his usual casual and friendly tone, he pleads his audience to not risk their lives and save themselves from the dire consequences this minor careless can result in. Here is what he said:

Responding to him, people appreciated his concern and his effort to educate the people. Here is what people had to say about it:

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