German auto-giant Volkswagen finally reveals when will it start production in Pakistan

The company has acquired the Greenfield status under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21

  • German auto giant Volkswagen has joined hands with Premier Motors to start vehicle production in Pakistan from 2022.
  • Moreover, sources have revealed that the company has been planning to introduce passenger cars as well. 
Volkswagen to start manufacturing vehicles in Pakistan in 2022.

The German auto giant Volkswagen is all set to begin vehicle production in Pakistan in 2022.

The auto company will initially produce the Amarok Pickup Truck and the Transporter Van in the country.

The company has acquired the Greenfield status under the Automotive Development Policy (ADP) 2016-21 and will start manufacturing the vehicles under that policy.

The assembling plant will have the capacity to churn out 28,000 vehicles yearly. However, the report states that the setting up of the plant has been delayed by eight months due to COVID-19.

Volkswagen is reportedly coming to Pakistan in association with Premier Motors, a subsidiary of Premier Systems, which has been selling Audi in Pakistan for over a decade.

Alongside Amarok, VW will also introduce the Transporter van in Pakistan, sold as Multivan in various markets. Moreover, sources have revealed that the introduction of passenger cars is also on the cards.

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  • Another assembler… Each and every bolt will be imported and profits sent back to Germany

    • Don’t talk like kiddo ?, surely profit margin always goes to owner but definitely Pakistan will also gain profit too , no wonder Pakistan won’t get progress if people like you will have this kind of mindset , learn from China ??

      • Fool. China forced joint ventures of 50-50. They forced all car manufacturing in their country. In Pakistan these companies are just selling you imported cars. Why can’t you just import new cars from abroad? They will be much cheaper than these assembled. Locally assembled cars are looting people and doing nothing else.

  • Good news , profits set aside its a good start for job industry .now some of our brothers can stay in pakistan and have a job instead of going to middle east

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