German Vlogger Christian Betzmann under fire for his insensitive take on Palestine issue

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People have been criticizing the German travel Vlogger, Christian Betzmann, on his insensitive take on the Palestine issue.

In conversation with the influencer, Muznah, the Vlogger shared his opinion regarding the Palestine issue, and he had a lot to say.

Betzmann believes that social media has never helped in any political event.

He further added the strikes of third world countries are useless and waste of time , while also commenting that this thought is ‘naïve.’

The German Vlogger even openly stated that ‘you have no power and concluded his ‘insensitive’ speech by saying, ‘It’s better to go pray as praying is the only thing Third World countries can do.’

Whereas, ‘first world countries are based on doers,’ he declared. 

Christian who recently embraced Islam said that ‘prayers do nothing’ and ‘you can’t do anything.’ 

Here are some images of the conversation shared by Muznah:




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  • He is partially right. Problem is we love worldly desires. We, as common citizens, cannot do anything. non-state actors are not good. They take the country back hundreds of years. It is the duty of our government and our forces to do the needful on our behalf. We, citizens are not trained and we are not been given the right to take matters in our own hands. Our armed forces are very much capable of doing way better than all of us combined. Mehmood qureshi’s instance is right. He has proposed a peace keeping force in Gaza. This is the only strategy we can deploy right now. No other ways. All of our options are exhausted and not doable.

  • Firstly he is not from here, where we are hypocrites and he is rightly saying that prayers are not useful and he possibly does not know or knowing but embarrassed to say that here in Pakistan Munafiqat is at its peak everywhere, and thats the reason our prayers are not answered! .

  • Well i dont think so…in my view he pointing out towards same thing…that we all were…i.e what practically we are doing to stop Israel except just giving statements…i think he was candid…we must not drag this needlessly…what was in his heart..only Allah knows better…he is a newly muslim…pl dont make things difficult for him..just on the basis of assumptions…

  • He is right.Our Naive and emotional fool of a population is just decieving themselves.We are shit but we are too proud to accept.

  • Well he is telling the truth and those are facts, we aren’t doing shit to save our people (Muslims) anywhere in the world not practically. What’s wrong in that. He is not mocking us but trying to wake us up from a sweet dream that we are all living.

  • اسکی پچانوے پرسنٹ بات ٹھیک ہے اور صحیح کہ رہا ہے
    اگر تھرلڈ ورڈ کنٹریز نے مقابلہ کرنا ہے تو یونیوسٹیز بناؤ ، میڈیکل کالج بناؤ ، ٹیکنالوجی ، آئی ٹی ، فزکس ،انجینئیرنگ میں عبور حاصل کرو کارخانے لگاؤ ، زراعت کو اور پانی کے مثلوں کو حل کرو اور پھر ان کے مقابلے پر آؤ
    پانچ فیصد جو بات غلط ہے دعا سب کچھ کر سکتی ہے مگر اس کے واسطے میرے جیسے شیطانیُ اعمال والے بندے نہیں
    اچھے اعمال والے وہ بندے چاہئں جو دعا مانگیں تو قبول بھی ہے اور دعا کے ساتھ تیارئ بھی چاہئے
    وہ روایت تو یاد ہی ہوگی کسی صحابی کی کہ اونٹ کھلا چھوڑ دیا تھا اللہ کے آسرے پر تو ان سے فرمایا گیا تھا پہلے اونٹ کو باندھو پھر اللہ کے آسرے پر چھوڑو

  • I dont know why to criticize him. He is so right.. what we are doung except giving curse to israel and makun dua for Gaza

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