Ghazzanfar Ilyas – from newspaper delivery boy to CSS officer


  • Ghazzanfar Ilyas from the war-stricken zone of Bannu became a CSS officer and an inspiration for others.
  • He used to work as a newspaper delivery person in a local news publishing company.
  • He refused to go to the United States for his Ph.D. to serve his country.
  • Through his story, he showed the world that anything could be achieved with persistent efforts and hard work.


Pakistan is currently one of the countries who have the youngest population in the world and second-most in South Asia. It is a country of young people with exquisite talent and potential. Pakistanis have showcased and shown their talent at every platform whether it’s national or international and proudly represent Pakistan everywhere.

Ghazzanfar Ilyas who belongs to the war-stricken zone of Bannu but the hardships didn’t hold him back. He became a CSS officer, beating all obstacles. He has passed the CSS exam 0f 2018 and was allocated in the department of Pakistan Audit and Accounts.

He came to Lahore for studies where he worked as a newspaper delivery person in a local news publishing company to support himself financially.

While studying in Lahore Ghazzanfar Illyas did not have any place to live. Datadarbar was where is used to live and most of the time he used to feed himself at shrine due to lack of resources. He has never lost hope during an extremely tough phase of his life he remained determined to achieve his goals and dreams.

During the difficult phase of his life, he even got an opportunity to study in the US to peruse his Ph.D. but he refused to serve his country. Lately, the internet is praising him for his persistent efforts and loyalty towards his country.

The youth of Pakistan has always helped to improve the image of Pakistan and represent Pakistan on an international and local platform with pride.

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  • Excellent ?? Job done by my country hero mr.ghazanfar. I m proud of you. May Allah live long you. Aameem summa Aameen.

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