Girl Develops Cancer, Loses Thumb Due To Nail Biting

Nail biting is a common habit trait found in the majority of people, especially of younger age. Psychologists and experts have linked it with stress and anxiety. Though not looking very pleasing to the eye, it is often seen as a harmless practice. We have seen the habitual nail biters make intense efforts to stop. But if you know someone who suffers through it, let them know about this scary precautionary tale and motivate them to quit!

A young woman from Australia developed skin cancer due to her nail-biting habit, causing her to lose her thumb.

20 years old student Courtney Whithorn had been biting her nails for years as her stress coping mechanism. But the results were far more miserable for her. She developed a rare form of cancer, acral lentiginous subungual melanoma. It is the type of melanoma that appears on palms of the hands, under the nails or soles of the feet.

Courtney shares that when her skin started to turn black, she became so self-conscious that she would use fake nails to hide it. The nail always grew back as if it was paper. Her doctor recommended her to a plastic surgeon, giving her the biggest shock of her life.

After her diagnosis last month, she underwent 4 surgeries. Despite repetitive efforts to save her thumb, it was finally amputated last week.

Literally, everything we’ve caught, we’ve caught it on the cusp of it going to the rest of my body – the timing has just been everything. Because it had started to travel, the only option left was amputation but this time I was much more prepared for that news. I wasn’t scared of going in for the amputation surgery – I was more nervous as I’m not a big fan of needles and stuff.’’ Courtney said sharing her experience.

Courtney said that she developed the habit because of experiencing bullying in school. The said incident should be enough reason to get over our habit and make an effort to conquer it. It definitely isn’t harmless.

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