Girl escapes attempted rape at Islamabad’s Beverly Centre

As per a report, the victim rushed towards her car after sensing she is being followed by two men.

Beverly centre attempted rapeA girl escaped attempted rape and abduction at Beverly Centre, Islamabad. According to details, the incident happened on the night of December 4th as the girl walked towards her car parked near the Beverly Centre.

As per a report, the victim rushed towards her car after sensing she is being followed by two men. However, the two men tackled  her to the ground and attempted to sexually assault her. Fortunately, she escaped following her brave efforts but she suffered some injuries.

“As reported by the victim, both men had beards and were groomed properly. The incident did not only traumatise the victim, but has caused severe pain to friends and family and the community, at large,” an Islamabad based social media page reported.

The culprits couldn’t be identified as there are no CCTV cameras installed in the parking area. Sexual assault cases have significantly increased in the country during the last few years. According to statistics, as many as 11 rape cases are reported in the country every day.

During the last six years, over 22,000 rape cases have been reported to the police across Pakistan. Shockingly, only 77 accused have been convicted which makes just 0.3% of the total figure.

An investigation revealed that 59% of rape cases are unreported due to social pressures and loopholes in the law and order system. Punjab registered the highest number of sexual assault cases, 18,609, followed by 1,873 in Sindh, 1,183 in KP, 129 in Balochistan, 210 in Islamabad.

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