Kainat Junaid Becomes First Female Fighter Pilot From KP

In a male dominated society like Pakistan, it is difficult for girls to showcase their talent. Especially, when we talk about a bit more conservative part of our country, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, where girls have less opportunities compared to boys.

But, Kainat Junaid did not let social barriers come in her way of achieving her dream of becoming a fighter pilot. According to a report, Kainat Junaid has become the very first girl from KPK to be serving as frontline fighter pilot at the Pakistan Air force (PAF). The iron-lady of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa is also the first ever Pakistani female fighter pilot.

Kainat Junaid has the blood of a soldier running through her veins, her father also serves at the Pakistan Air force. Her father —Junaid Ahmed—currently serves as a squadron leader at PAF Peshawar.

Talking about his daughter’s historic milestone, the proud father stated that Kainat Junaid is inspired by Pakistan’s first female pilot (Late) Marium Mukhtar and is fully committed to serve her homeland.

“She [Kainat] is fully committed to serve the country,” Junaid Ahmed stated.

Kainat Junaid has a strong educational background. She did her schooling from PAF College Badaber and later she moved to Peshawar for her F.SC. She did her F.SC from Jinnah College Peshawar. Jinnah College Peshawar is one of the top colleges of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

  • activists to please all. Let people delete posts about the kainat because it can be difficult for us and especially the kainat, we thank the people , but posts about it Delete. And help us by not even turning on the TV, Father Kainat Ahmed Junaid appeals to the people

  • Social media activist appeals from father of female pilot kainat

    Ahmed Junaid, father of the newly elected woman Air Force pilot Kinat Bibi from Lower Dir, has thanked the public for her happiness with the family, but Ahmed has appealed to the public and especially social media

  • Sitast.pk, plz get ur facts rite, firstly she is not a fighter pilot as yet, she has only completed training flying to earn a flying wing..fighter flying requires extensive further training to achieve fighter conversion, which she is yet to undergo..moreover, even when she achieves that, she is DEFINITELY not going to be the first one from KP, Sword of honor winner saira Amin who actually got her fighter conversion successfully completed was the first girl from KP to have achieved this honor in addition to her various other laurels…plz do some research before publicizing stuff

    • Glad someone pointed ut truely. Non professional journalists out there just get sensational news and make story without bothering to little investigate. In the competetive media world they needed punch lines like “male dominant” eapecially kpk, first female fighter and bla bla bla. Let me state that kpk is quite better. The only province with separate female chamber of commerce (not chapter or section like other so called moderate province) . Please don ‘t malign facts for just getting your story clicked and earn by ehanced site visitor. journalist has key role in building national integrity.

  • Assalamu alikum to all
    This a an absolute honor for every pakistani that our mothers, sisters & daughters are contributing in every field of life…..
    But we must understand the difference between responsibilities of male & female in a Muslim society…..

  • Best of Luck sister Do your best for your country….. For me as a Pakistani its a proud moment…. Congrats and Thank for your struggle.

  • She’s daughter of a squadron leader,
    SURE !
    who else has the top most right to become fighter pilot other than sons and daughters of PAF’S officers.

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