Girl Loses Life Due To Negligence Of Hostel, College Labels It As ‘Suicide’

Student rights have become a rising concern, as institutions continue to mask the real issues for face-saving and repute protection. An unfortunate incident that Government Post Graduate College for Women in Rawalpindi this Friday show a harrowing picture of where our educational institutional values stand.

A 20-year-old student from Fateh Jang reportedly fell sick in the hostel on September 27th. The warden was informed but she maintained an ignorant attitude towards her and denied her any medical help, resulting in loss of life.

Rescue 1122 workers arrived to take the body but the students protested in the way and stopped them. The girl’s parents also said that they weren’t informed about their only daughter’s health condition.

If the extremely sensitive attitude of the hostel wasn’t horrible enough, they tried to cover the issue and are trying to portray it as a suicide case. However, the brave female students have stood up against the administration and loudly voiced their concerns – rejecting the fabricated story and saying they will not let the management lie about their fellow’s death. The students have taken to the roads to protest, have blocked the area outside the hostel and are boycotting the classes.

“Girls are dying here and they [the hostel administration] are lying. They didn’t take her to a hospital and now they’re trying to say it was a suicide”– say the protestors.

The students said that it is not what they stand for and will not let it happen in their college. They also demanded an inquiry in the matter and have asked to punish the culprits involved in the matter.

Amidst the contradictory statements, Dr Alia Sohail Khan, college’s principal claims the girl’s family informed that she had cardiac issues.

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