In a series of Facebook posts, girl accuses man backed by political influence threatening to kill, kidnap and rape her [SCREENSHOTS]

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A social media user named Turfa Naeem shared how she has been harassed by a person named RJ Shabaz.

In a series of Facebook posts, Turfa shared how Shabaz has been threatening to kill, Kidnap and rape her.

She posted:

“Here’s a note a regular girl is leaving for the authorities, the government, the people, FIA, and Cybercrime.

Today I put this here for the public record:

I’m not naming anyone as apparently (as I’ve been told by the ASI of a police station in Islamabad) ANYTHING can be used against me. I’m the easiest target after all.

JUSTICE is unknown here, it’s for the dead.

So maybe on my grave, you’ll offer sweet justice and that won’t do anything for my corpse.

It’s just a glimpse of shit that’s been going around for almost a year now.

I have been harassed, threatened, blackmailed, been attempted to be kidnapped, to be killed, and now still being defamed. My brain has turned into mush and I hate every minute I spend on this planet. I’m suicidal so the criminal behind all this has been rewarded by the authorities as he’s not been successful in murdering me with his very own hands.

ALL THIS BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM. Not agreeing to marry someone should not be a social crime. The price is potential death, mental torture, and harassment.

PAKISTAN is so pure and safe. A JOKE. I can’t feel safe anywhere being stalked like that I might get killed anywhere any day. I can’t use social media like that as it might inform the murderer of my movements. I can’t talk about my friends because he might hurt them.

I’ve lost faith in our justice system, the courts, the investigators because it’s been going on for so long, I’m left with no nerves to deal with anything no more.

You might not share it today but don’t forget to acknowledge this post I left here once he succeeds.


I have had so many apologetic messages that I want none now. It is a cycle of abuse just like the little adventure of his where I was physically abused.

He’s out there laughing it out, pressuring authorities faking his innocence and I’m here having a heart attack and my friends now are under the attack.”

Here are some videos shared by Turfa on her Facebook account.

Posted by Turfa Nadeem on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Posted by Turfa Nadeem on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Posted by Turfa Nadeem on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Turfa also criticized FIA for not for investigating the matter properly.

She Posted:

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