Glorification And Justification Of Kashmir’s Human Shield Incident In ‘Baaghi 2’ Causes Social-media Outrage

The recent Bollywood movie Baaghi 2 has come under extreme criticism for their insensitivity and inconsideration for people’s sentiments.  Tiger Shroff’s movie is being slammed due to its insensitive first scene that appears to be a reenactment to the incident that occurred last year in the occupied Kashmir, where a man was used as a human shield tied in front of an Indian army vehicle.

Farooq Ahmad Dar was an innocent Kashmiri and earned a livelihood through shawl weaving in the disputed geographical region. He was forcibly strapped in front of an army vehicle by Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi to prevent stone palters from attacking the vehicle. The incident occurred last year on April 9th and caused a global outrage condemning this brutal act.

Despite the reaction it got, the Major was honoured and celebrated as a hero and was also awarded many military honours for his counter-insurgency operations. The incident that already hurt many sentiments and challenged world’s beliefs regarding human rights is glorified in Sajid Nadiadwala film Baaghi 2, where Shroff played the role of an army officer Ranvir Pratap Singh who uses a man in Kashmir to protect himself from the fueled crowd.

It is being regarded as the new low for Bollywood movies as apart from having a resemblance to that condemnable event the movie justifies it by reasoning that he was punished for burning an Indian flag. Dailyo, an Indian discussion platform, spoke about the movie saying:

‘’Pakistan–bashing, hyper-nationalism and vein-popping bursts of patriotism are fixtures in Army films in Hindi film industry. But even for Bollywood, this moment feels like a new low’’

However, this is not the first incident of glorification of oppression against Kashmiris. Recently, an Indian clothing brand also launched t-shirts celebrating this incident too.

The incident, however, has sparked a reaction from inside India as well. Many took to Twitter to express that it, in no way, is justified. While other’s said it makes it ‘worth-watching’.

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