Going for grocery shopping? Health expert gives 10 tips to avoid contracting COVID-19

Here are the Top 10 Coronavirus Safety Tips at the Grocery Store

Top 10 Coronavirus Safety Tips at the Grocery Store

Do you actually need to disinfect your produce and wipe down that jar? Here are the top 10 coronavirus safety tips for groceries.

Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, April 12, 2020

Even though we have been ordered to stay at home during the coronavirus epidemic, many people still need to do some important tasks like going to the grocery store.

While we are getting a lot of information on how to do our groceries without contracting the coronavirus, lets see how much of this information is necessary.

A food safety expert, Kristen Gibson, answers all our questions regarding what precautions we actually need while going for groceries.

Here are the Top 10 Coronavirus Safety Tips at the Grocery Store

Do not shop too often

Minimize your grocery trips to avoid contracting the virus. Try to go once a week.

Avoid peak hours

Always go for shopping in the morning.

Wipe down the cart

Carry a set of wipes with you and clean handles of the cart.

Wiping down items is optional 

It is not necessary to clean jars, bottles, and other products.

In-store social distancing 

Try to keep a safe distance in the store.

Touching fruits is low risk

It is not risky to touch fruits or vegetables before buying them.

No need to bring your own bags

Plastics bags at the stores are not handled by everyone, so in the current situation, they are the safest option.

Wipe down your countertop

Sanitize your counter where you put grocery bags, as the virus stays longer on hard surfaces.

Do not wash products with soap

You can get sick if you wash fruits and vegetables with soap.

Wash your hands

Make a habit of washing hands.

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