Golden Man of Islamabad quits his passion: Pakistanis can never appreciate talent

Muhammad Ahsan, the Golden Man of Islamabad, has decided to quit. According to sources, the street artist and capital city’s first living statue is saddened by the uncultured and uncivilized behavior of Pakistanis towards him. With a heavy heart, Muhammad Ahsan has decided to quit performance arts.

Why is Muhammad Ahsan quitting?

Muhammad Ahsan decided to showcase his skills and entertain the people of Islamabad by becoming a live statue. However, instead of appreciating his performance art, people humiliated and disgraced him in public. Speaking to a media outlet, Muhammad Ahsan shared his disappointment and said:

I quit today. Pakistanis can never appreciate talent. While performing my piece, passersby verbally abused me and dishonored me. I don’t want to do this work anymore. I quit. I don’t even have an appeal or a request from the people of Pakistan. I quit.

How did Muhammad Ahsan become the Golden Man of Islamabad?

Muhammad Ahsan, a 17-year-old boy, traveled from Karachi to Islamabad, searching for employment. However, limited formal education and thinning finances dimmed his ability to find a stable job.

Regardless of the circumstances, Muhammad Ahsan’s determination stood tall, and he never lost hope. One day he stumbled on a TikTok video showcasing a live statue in India. The video inspired him to make a living by becoming the first live statue of Pakistan’s capital city.

Eventually, he gained popularity. Islamabad’s deputy commissioner, Hamza Shafqat, posted Muhammad Ahsan’s photo on social media and gave him special permission to perform around the city. Speaking about people’s response to his performance art in 2021, Muhammad Ahsan said:

Soon after, I started performing as a living statue, and the public’s response was very positive. I cannot tell how many people stopped and took photos with me. Many of them make videos, and some even ask me to visit their residence since they want me to be in pictures with their family. Overall, it has been a positive experience for me.

Fast forward to this day, the people who appreciated Muhammad Ahsan have now become the reason the man quit his earning source. It’s sad how Pakistanis fail to impress such unique skills and talents. It’s even sadder to see people disrespecting and humiliating a man for the work that he does. This is just one story of how unkind words have affected a man. There may be several other people who quit pursuing their passion because of the cruel treatment they experienced.

Islamabad Police Springs Into Action

Golden Man’s complaint instantly caught the attention of IG Islamabad. SDPO Kohsar examined Muhammad Ahsan’s complaint and called the office for inquiry. He emphasized with the performance artist and assured police cooperation. SDPO Kohsar also instructed all policemen to ensure Golden Man isn’t harassed anywhere by police or the public.

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