Gomal University FINALLY dismisses professor for sexually harassing female students [VIDEO]

He was also heading the Islamic Research Center at the university.

Gomal University has dismissed a professor for sexually harassing female students. Professor Dr. Salahuddin was a BPS-21 teacher at the Department of Islamic Studies and Arabic at the institute. He was also heading the Islamic Research Centre at the university.

Female students accused the teacher of following them on social media. Salahuddin threatened the students with low marks in examinations. There have also been multiple complaints against him for behaving unprofessionally with teachers too, but the administration didn’t take any action against him before.

The professor was caught in the act by TV personality Iqrar-ul-Hasan, who was filming for his famous television show ‘Sar-e-Aam’.

The team of Sar-e-Aam collected video evidence against the professor. After Iqrar confronted him about his disgraceful acts with hard proof, Salahuddin offered to resign. However, despite his voluntary resignation, Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Gomal University, Dr. Muhammad Sarwar started proceedings against the teacher under the KP Universities Act 2012.

The institute has formally expelled Salahuddin for sexually harassing multiple female students.

In its official notification by the Registrar of Gomal University, the educational organization said that this dismissal is a punishment due to Salahuddin’s involvement in disgraceful activities.

Here is the official notification:

Watch the program here:

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  • After all these undeniable video proves terminaiton / dismissal is no punishment. All his salaries should be recovered, no retirements benefits and criminal proceedings under the harassment act should be initiated. This minor punishment is by no means match of his criminal activities.

  • This criminal has actually been rewarded. For the nature of his crime, his pen!s should be chopped off with a Treet blade and put in his mouth. He should then be stoned to death in public.

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