Did Google and Apple really remove Palestine from maps? Here’s An Update

Searching for Palestine on Google Maps and Apple Maps shows an outline for the Gaza Strip and West Bank regions, but no labels for Palestine.

Apple Google and Apple have been accused of deleting Palestine from their online maps, despite it never being labeled in the first place.

Searching for Palestine on Google Maps and Apple Maps shows an outline for the Gaza Strip and West Bank regions, but no labels for Palestine.

The claim that it was removed appears to stem from a growing Instagram post by a user named “Astagfirvlah” on Wednesday, which accused the technology firms of “officially removing” Palestine from their maps.

An update has since been added to the post, expressing that it contains “false information.” Nonetheless, news articles and posts on other social media platforms have continued to spread the claims, with supporters of Palestine accusing the tech giant of supporting Israel’s occupation.

Palestine is recognized by the United Nations and 136 of its members as an independent state, but that’s not the case in the USA, where Google and Apple are headquartered.

Google did not instantly respond to a request for comment about the latest accusations. Still, a section of its website dedicated to disputed boundaries stated: “Disputed boundaries are displayed as a dashed grey line. The places involved do not agree on a boundary.”

Israel captured and occupied the Golan Heights (in Syria), the West Bank, and Gaza Strip during the 1967 Arab-Israeli War (Naksa). Israel claims that it no longer occupies Gaza after removing settlements in 2005. Nevertheless, as it retains significant control over the coastal territory’s airspace and borders, Gaza is still classified as an occupied land by the UN.

Monitoring groups say there are more than 131 Israeli settlements in the West Bank, despite being deemed illegal under international law.

This is not the first time Google has been blamed for removing the name Palestine from its map service.

In 2016, a Change.org petition asserted that all mention of Palestine “was removed at the demand of the Israeli government,” adding that “Google’s two Zionist founders have strong links with Israel and its leaders.”

The ‘Google: Put Palestine on your Maps!’ petition remains active till now and has received more than 800,000 signatures.

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  • The claim made by Google – which is being repeated without question by numerous media outlets (and even on some “fact check” websites) – that Palestine wasn’t removed from Google maps because “it was never listed to begin with” (as if this were a valid explanation of Google’s decision to label Palestine as Israel in its maps) is FALSE.
    Palestine was originally delineated in Google maps. It was removed at the behest of the Israeli government, which claimed that naming Palestine would “compromise peace negotiations” and give Palestinians the “illusion” that the land delineated rightfully belonged to them and would be part of any future negotiated settlement.
    When Google was originally challenged on the removal of Palestine from its maps, a Google spokesperson claimed that this was due to a “technical glitch”, which would shortly be corrected.
    Google has consistently lied on this issue, and the mainstream media have repeated Google’s false statements without bothering to fact check them.
    Here is an article reporting the Israeli government’s displeasure at the inclusion of Palestine in its early maps.

    Israel criticises Google’s ‘Palestine’ recognition

    Zak Martin / Creator of “Google: Put Palestine on your Maps” petition.

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