Google controls Android, Huawei has no other option than to accept

Huawei users can access the Android's open source OS but they cannot access favorites like Google, YouTube or Gmail. 



  • Even when Google’s Android operating system (OS) is an open source, the events in the last week has made it evident how it controls the apps and services which makes the platform valuable.
  • The control was even more evident when Reuters reported that they would be revoking its Android license from the Chinese tech-giant, Huawei.
  • It basically means that as long as Trump’s ban remains, the Huawei users can access the Android’s open source OS but they cannot access favourites like Google, YouTube or Gmail.
  • Huawei users cannot even benefit from software updates or security updates.
  • While it is known that the tech giant’s Android platform has captured a mind-blowing share of the OS market, it has always been painted as a more “open” alternative to its only competitor Apple’s iOS.

Following the tech drama, it is evident in itself that Huawei has no other option than to comply. Google’s control over Android, considering that it is the only viable operating system, has left the Chinese manufacturing brand with no option to move forward.

“There’s open-source, as in everyone can see the code and can contribute. And then there’s the — can you use it regardless of what Google thinks? And the answer is, no” – Frank Gillett, Principal Analyst at Forrester, told Business Insider.

It is evident that ever since the Trump ban remains, the Huawei users can only open source version of Android’s OS, but they won’t benefit from system-level integration with popular apps and services.

Google previously said that Huawei users would still be able to access the Google Play app store and its built-in malware protection. However, following the US government’s decision to grant Huawei a 90-day reprieve from the blacklist, Google said it would follow suit as well.

“Keeping phones up to date and secure is in everyone’s best interests and this temporary license allows us to continue to provide software updates and security patches to existing models for the next 90 days” – said a Google spokesman.

Options are grim:

Even when the Huawei’s smartphone is the second largest in the world, without access to an app store or services like Google’s Search or Maps, the future doesn’t look very promising. The options are grim. The company said back in March that the company was developing its own operating system.

It was later reported by Bloomberg reported that Huawei has been in talks with European carriers and developers, pitching them on optimizing apps for the manufacturing giant’s native platform.

“You can build a different OS… but what are consumers going to do for search, for maps, for YouTube? All of these things have alternatives, but why would I do that? It’s not like Huawei’s phones are that amazing that I would forego all the services I’ve been using for years.” – Milanesi told speaking Business Insider in a recent interview.

In China where the American sanctions are already in play, Huawei phones are running on a customized version of AOSP. Huawei, however, needs to do something if the issue does not resolve. They cannot sell a hollow copy of Android without any apps. The time will determine the directed – will increased pressure on Google to loosen its control over Android or force other operating systems to ramp up their reach?

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