Google, Facebook And Twitter Join Hands Against Govt’s Censorship Laws, Threaten To Leave Pakistan

The tech companies have joined hands together and threatened to leave the country and its 70 million internet users in digital darkness.



When the government of Pakistan revealed some of the world’s most extensive rules on internet censorship this month, global internet companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter were expected to obey or face severe consequences – including the potential halt of their services.

Digital Darkness

Instead, the tech companies have joined hands together and threatened to leave the country and its 70 million internet users in digital darkness.

A group called the Asia Internet Coalition wrote a scathing letter to Prime Minister, Imran Khan. The companies warned in the letter “the instructions as currently written would make it difficult for AIC Members to make their amenities available to Pakistani users and businesses.”

The combined resistance by Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech companies in Pakistan is highly rare.
Companies often object to these types of rules, but they rarely threaten to leave a country.
A fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School, Chinmayi Arun, said the joint warning by the tech companies to leave Pakistan was vividly a new approach to fight demanding policies.

Citizen Protection Rules 2020

Under the new rules, officially known as the Citizen Protection (Against Online Harm) Rules 2020, social media amenities must remove or block content within 24 hours of a request.

Tech companies must also prevent the live-streaming of any content the establishment says is offensive and label as “false” anything the government considers to be so.

Also, the tech companies must open permanent offices in Pakistan and set up servers to store data in the country.

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  • Media not explaining properly just lying and doing propoganda, all these companies face book, YouTube, Twitter making billions from Pakistan users, getting advertising and other benefits but not registered or paying any taxes in Pakistan, also these companies don’t want to open any offices in Pakistan,
    Also these companies don’t want to invest in Pakistan just one way benefits don’t work long.
    YouTubers are making lot money but don’t want to pay taxes.
    Pakistan doesn’t get any benefit like this so we better of without them like china.

  • Technically they dont exist in Pakistan…already..Only microsoft is doing better job .. and what are new rules, has any one read? just black list black list bullshit being sung

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