Google hires 24-year-old data engineer Shafiqa Iqbal from Sadiqabad, Punjab


Google hires data engineer Shafiqa Iqbal from Sadiqabad, PunjabA Pakistani girl from Sadiqabad has just been hired by Google through LinkedIn. The young girl is making the whole country proud.

24-years-old Shafiqa Iqbal is now working at the Google office in Warsaw, Poland. She is a Punjab University graduate. The young professional was working as a data engineer in Lahore. Other than that, she has also been taking part in open-source projects, like blogging while working as a data engineer.

Iqbal had an experience of 2.5 years before Google contacted her through LinkedIn. She was required to give a rigorous interview. After the interview, she was hired by Google Poland’s Warsaw Office.

Appointment process

Shafiqa revealed the details of the recruitment process in an interview. She said that Facebook and Google value open source work. She also said that despite there being a lot of potential in Pakistan, people are unaware of the recruiting process.

Talking about her own experience, she said that her internet kept disconnecting in the last interview. The interviewer asked her questions during concluding statements but the meeting blacked out. However, the interviewer was indifferent about it. The interviewer said that Shafiqa is the perfect employee for Google.

Shafiqa Iqbal’s achievements

Shafiqa represents Pakistan as the Global Ambassador of Women in Tech. She is also among the top-rated sellers on Upwork. Moreover, the data engineer has worked on database migrations and development, cloud solutions, ETL pipelines, backend development, and logical programming. She is also called Pakistan’s Wonder Woman for her achievements.

The 24-year-old intends to make Pakistan proud. She wants to succeed in her profession and work with other prestigious tech firms.

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  • What is this news? Working for Google is now a big deal?? I think I should reveal who I work for.

  • So many pakistanis are working in microsoft google and apple. Good for this girl but this is not something which hasnt happened before

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