Google Maps Will Now Show Metro Bus Timings And Routes

Google Maps are a safe refuge if you don’t know the way and urgently want to reach. The feature has helped solve the travelling issues as you no longer have to worry about getting lost on your way to the destination, making it quite a significant aspect in everyone’s life.
However, the life will be further at ease as Google Maps will now also show metro bus timings and routes.

Before this new update, we could only plan our route via car, bicycle or foot. But now we will also be able to include public transport and buses and calculate the timings and distance.

Umar Gondal, a local guide, made significant contributions to make the transit routes available. He also submitted the data which was needed to bring this feature online and operative.

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Maps will now also assist you with bus arrival and departure timings, lettings you choose which bus you want to travel on. Other than that, one can also now plan a route using Uber and Careem, making things convenient and simple. The new feature will not only help you sketch out the route for you but will also calculate the cost associated with each route and display it to the user as well so that one knows the best and the most affordable option. So now the travellers can check out the best route, the estimated travel time and also the cost associated with it with this new ground-breaking update.

This convenient and revolutionary feature is available for Multan only and is expected to be expanded in other cities soon.
Google Maps can be easily downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. 

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