Google To Introduce ‘Google Pay’ In Pakistan

In another fresh advancement, Global tech giant Google will start Google Pay services in Pakistan. The intention to do so was shown by a team of Google representatives. They called Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui,  Federal Minister for Information Technology, in Islamabad today.

Matters related to social media, e-commerce, digital skills and digital payments were discussed during the meeting. According to the statement released from the ministry, the tech giant Google has shown the will to introduce Google Pay Launch services in Pakistan. The statement also said that they will start a basic digital skills training program in Pakistan as well.

”Google and ensured full support for launching the Google Pay Launch service and digital skills training program in the country” – said Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, lauding Google.

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Earlier on February 11th, the Punjab government had approached tech giants Microsoft and Google in an effort to polish computer programming skills in children. The provincial government invited them to come to Pakistan and effectively influence the technology sphere.

Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas, in a television interview, said he is in contact with significant companies and convincing them to come to Pakistan.

”..I am in contact with both companies and hoping to convince them to introduce Google and Microsoft certifications for children in grades 9 and 10.” – he said.


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