Government to enforce ban, take legal action against cafes which are still serving Sheesha

Half an hour of sheesha means more nicotine than 20 cigarettes a day or even more.

It has been recently making the rounds on social media that a few cafes are still offering sheesha to teenagers. Following the news, the government of Punjab has decided to impose a complete ban on the use of sheesha and authorities have been directed to take immediate action against all such cafes.

In an injunction, the provincial government has imposed a heavy fine and ban on sheesha usage at all public places, for example, cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs and more.

As per the officials, sheesha is nothing but a nuisance for teenagers. Needless to say, there’s an apprehension that sheesha cannot just disturb the peace of teenagers but their parents as well.

Apart from that, various university students were interviewed that confessed that many students use sheesha in public like cafes and restaurants.

As mentioned by doctors, half an hour of sheesha means more nicotine than 20 cigarettes a day or even more.  It was directed to the administration and divisional police chiefs by the provincial authorities to implement a ban as well as launch various campaigns for public awareness to highlight the health risks sheesha brings along.

Sheesha is a form of alternatively consuming nicotine and it is extremely popular among teenagers especially college and university students.
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