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Government Allows Benazir Bhutto Hospital To Carry Out Renal Transplantation Free of Cost

The hospital thanked the government for its full cooperation.



The government has permitted Benazir Bhutto Hospital’s (BBH) Urology department to carry out renal transplantation. The transplants will be carried out free of cost.

A team of doctors will perform the surgery on a regular basis. This team will comprise of Head of Urology Department Prof Dr. Zain el Amir, Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed, Dr. Saadat Hashmi, Dr. Mudassar Murtaza, and other members.

BBH’s urology department is first of its kind. People from across the country come here and get treatment for their renal problems.

This facility will be provided to patients in accordance with the government’s Standard Operating Procedures.
According to Dr. Ahmed Sajid, over 400 patients come for treatment, while dialysis is given to 40 patients daily. He said the kidney transplants will begin after one month.

Dr. Zain appreciated the government for its cooperation and Specialized Secretary Health Dr. Yasmin Rashid for helping patients with renal failure.

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