Punjab Government Puts a Ban on Abroad Visits, Ex-Pakistan Leave

The ban will also include leaves and visits that are totally funded.


As per the orders were given by Punjab government’s Services and General Administration Department, Usman Buzdar, the Chief Minister, has banned any kind of ex-Pakistan leaves and foreign visits, even those that are completely funded. He has done so with immediate effect.

The ban will also include leaves and visits that are totally funded. But, the leave for Umrah, Ziarat, and Hajj are an exception and not included in the rule, similarly leave for medical emergencies will also be exempted as per the authorities.

These directives were given to inspector general of police, divisional police chiefs, additional chief secretary, divisional commissioners and all other competent authorities for its implementation.

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  • This news is really shocking. The reason is not that ex Pakistan leaves are banned. but our Government are not considering the needy people. if some one is travelling to abroad so there might be some avoidable circumstances.
    especially for females whose husbands lives in abroad . And for family and due to many personal issues they travel. it does not mean that if they are living there they earn allot. our government should need to think about all middle class families before implementing this.

    • I am working in saudi arabia as chemical engineer, my wife is working in government department. Last week I was going to apply for permanent family visa. Once my wife applied for ex Pakistan leave, it was banned. Before applying such kind of things Pakistani government should look at every aspects. I am too much tense.

      • I am facing the same situation. My husband live in abroad. And due to some unavoidable circumstances I have to stay with him. As he applied for my visa and I apply for my ex pakistan leaves. Punjab Government banned ex pak leaves.
        And my family is suffering from all that. Now I have no option instead of that I will resign.

        • Before implementing any thing. If the leaders are competent they revise the pros and cons of any order. But here PTI Government is just pushing the dumb person on authoritative post. I am facing the same situation. Metrimonial issues doesn’t matter for these kind of stupid law holders.

          • AOA although the gov revised it but still there is no compensation for females. there is no relaxation for domestic or metrimonial issue 🙁

  • Same is the problm faced by me
    I have got the visa
    And was preparing for leave
    And now this barrier..
    At the end no option left other than resigning..

    • My wife is working in education department,I am also facing the same ex Pakistan leave banned issue.

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