Government changes name of ‘Single National Curriculum’ to ‘Pakistan National Curriculum’

All the curriculum and education-related reforms will be implemented under PNC.

Government changes name of 'Single National Curriculum' to 'Pakistan National Curriculum'

The PML-N-led government has decided to change the name of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) to Pakistan National Curriculum (PNC).

While talking about this development, the Federal Minister for Education, Rana Tanveer Hussain said that the word ‘single’ creates confusion. He added that it does not clearly mirror the diversity that is found in the academic system in Pakistan. Hence, SNC has been renamed PNC.

“The word ‘single’ caused confusion and excluded the diversity education that is an asset to our country’s rich heritage. We are now ready for getting back on track,” the minister said.

All the curriculum and education-related reforms will be implemented under PNC, which covers all four aspects of a modern syllabus. These aspects include teachers’ training, textbooks, standards, and examination reforms.

The PNC will have a special emphasis on the last two factors as unless these two are completely incorporated into the education system, it will remain incomplete.


Under the teachers’ training reforms, teachers will receive special training based on modern standards. This will allow them to impart high-quality education to students. The exam reforms will include concept-based interventions to end rote learning.

These statements were made by the Minister while supervising a National Curriculum Workshop held by the federal ministry in collaboration with ministers from all federating units.

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