Government considering granting amnesty to TTP members who lay down their weapons and accept the constitution

The amnesty will be general.

President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Dr. arif alvi
The President, Arif Alvi, giving an interview on Dawn News.

The Government of Pakistan is considering granting an amnesty to those members of the banned Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) who lay down their weapons.

The condition to be granted amnesty is that the members of the terrorist organization must not be involved in any “criminal activities” and adhere to the Pakistani Constitution.

Special Terrorist Zones' beyond Afghanistan's border- APN LiveThis was revealed by the President, Arif Alvi, during an interview on the program Khabar Se Khabar with Dawn News on Friday.

The president made these remarks when the program host, Nadia Mirza, questioned him if the TTP was no longer a threat to Pakistan.

The question by the host was in light of the assurances granted by the Afghan Taliban that their land would not be used for TTP’s terrorist activities.

To this, Alvi remarked that the TTP still remains a threat.

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However, the president stated that Pakistan is “considering” granting amnesty to those members of the TTP who lay down their arms and adhere to the Constitution.

The host was surprised by Alvi’s remarks and questioned whether the amnesty would generally apply to all TTP members or not.

To this, the president replied in affirmative and reiterated that it is for those TTP members who lay down their weapons.

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The host made reference to Maulvi Fazlullah—a cruel former TTP leader who was killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan in 2018— and questioned whether the amnesty would be for people like him.

The president responded that he was not taking anyone’s name but only referring to a general amnesty for those people who were not involved in any criminal activities and adhered to the Pakistani Constitution.

According to the president, the purpose of such an amnesty was to establish “establish peace.”

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    • This is so disappointing, as Pakistan doesn’t already have problems, these people only know bloodshed , that is their skill ., they will never change., this is the most insane decision., seems like Pakistanis forgot about APS ,what can I say , it is a murdar(dead) nation and the rest void will be filled by Ttp

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