Government decides to install solar panels on dams to increase energy production

It will not only help to reduce evaporation of water but will also generate energy

The government is working on eliminating debt in the power production and supply sector. The debt increase pace has reduced from Rs39 billion per month to Rs10-11 billion, as Power Division Minister reveals. They are hopeful to clamp it down to zero by 2020.

“By December 2020, the country’s circular debt will drop to zero” – said Omar Ayub Khan.

To increase energy production, the government is planning to install floating solar panels across water reservoirs and canals. Besides canals, these solar panels would be installed on Tarbela, Mangla, Ghazi Barotha and Khanpur reservoirs.

“It will not only help to reduce evaporation of water but will also generate energy” – the minister emphasized. At a conference regarding the water crisis, Mr. Omar Ayub warned India regarding the violation of the Indus Water Treaty.

“If India tries to make Indus Water Treaty as a weapon, Pakistan will be swift as we will defend our sovereignty”.

As per him, proper investment in the water sector can increase the GDP by 1 point. The minister complained that no big dams were constructed after Tarbela and Mangla.

“Our government is actively working on a plan harness the water resources in order to add 18000-20000 MWs of hydroelectric power to the system” – he said.

The current power generation capacity of 31000MW would increase to 55000MW by 2030. He anticipated, by 2025, 8000MW of renewable energy would be added, by 2030 additional 20000MW.

Khan blamed the previous government for preventing renewable energy projects in order to install expensive re-gasified liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) projects. He also highlighted the unanimous decision by secretaries of all provinces, especially the support of Sindh secretary during the Alternative Energy Development Board.

Renewable energy project 2019 will be placed in front of the Council of Common Interest (CCI) and aims at reducing electricity prices. Chief Meteorologist Muhammad Riaz Ahmed warned about a water crisis in the coming years due to changing climate and also underlined the need for more reservoirs to meet future demands.

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