Government Devises Plan To Promote Kitchen Gardening

The provincial agriculture department is working to devise a comprehensive plan to promote kitchen gardening across Punjab, as reported by a local media source.

As per the officials, the plan will focus on raising awareness among the general public about benefits and utility of homegrown vegetables. Under this programme, the government has already sold 0.1 million winters (rabi) seeds on subsidized rates across the province of Punjab.

3200 seed kits were sold in Sialkot District alone. Among them, 800 were sold in Daska Tehsil, 800 in Pasrur Tehsil, 400 in Sambrial Tehsil and 1200 in Sialkot Tehsil.

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The agriculture department will also be conducting training and workshops for aspirants in educational institutions. The training will target aspirants in schools, colleges and universities and also vocational centres across the province.

Under this programme, attention will be invested in broadening the sphere of kitchen gardening to semi-urban and rural parts. As per the experts, one-third of Pakistan’s population is food insecure. The key reasons for this include rapid changes in climatic patterns, unplanned urbanisation and poverty. As it is gaining popularity among people especially the womenfolk, kitchen gardening and micro-gardening techniques can be a refuge to pull the majority out of poverty.

While it appears to be a great option in current times of upsurge in prices, poverty alleviation and malnutrition – it also will help fulfil the rising demand of fresh and homegrown food as the trend shifts away from preservatives due to health concerns.

Experts maintain that government providing seedlings and seeds to women and youth in 36 districts of Punjab at subsidised rates to encourage them to start kitchen gardening. With contributing to economic means, it will also be rewarding in terms of environmental benefits as well.

via Express Tribune

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