Government makes names of government employees benefiting from BISP PUBLIC [VIDEO]

The list of names of government employees was made public.

According to the sources,820,165 recipients of the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) were recently excluded from the BISP amid allegations of misuse of funds.

These beneficiaries were living a wealthy lifestyle and the grant that had been allocated for underprivileged individuals was being misused to provide luxuries instead.

According to official data, 153,302 recipients of the program traveled overseas at least once whereas, 10,475 had traveled multiple times. Also, the spouses of 195,364 recipients went overseas once while 166,319 traveled abroad more than once.

Additionally, one or more vehicles were registered under the names of 692 recipients while, the spouses of 43, 746 recipients had one or more vehicles listed under their names.

The average telephone bill of recipients (24,564) and spouses of recipients (115,567) was recorded to be more than Rs. 1,000.

The government has decided to make the names of those involved in this corruption and robbing the public of their rights.



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