Government’s new regulating efficiency standards will reduce energy costs by 10-15%

These efficiency standards, applicable from January 15th, will provide 10-15% savings to the national economy.

The Government of Pakistan has spent Rs.1.1 trillion for  the on-going energy crisis in the past four years, which makes up 2.5 percent of the total volume of our economy. To reduce energy costs, the Government has brought forward new regulating efficiency standards for all lighting products and equipment.

Minimum Energy Standards For Lighting:

The Government of Pakistan has developed energy standards for all sectors of the economy in close collaboration with their respective provinces. Sectors such as electricity, housing, industries, textile, and transport have also taken an active role so far.

10-15% Saving:

These efficiency standards, applicable from January the 15th, will provide 10-15% savings to the national economy. The Government is also planning to introduce energy-efficient building designs and quality standards by banning low-quality products.

Reduce Energy Cost:

These plans aim at decreasing energy costs for customers. The Government has also announced to target Automobiles in February and refrigerators/air-conditioners in the next six months.

NEECA Is Taking Manufacturers Of Lighting Products On-board:

A correspondent of the National Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (NEECA), which was previously known as Energy Conservation Centre, said that they are working to become fully functional but are facing technical issues. They have taken manufactures on board and are working hard to switch to effective products for a trial period of six months.

Effective Use Of Technology:

NEECA plans to use technology to moderate and monitor performance issues rather than employ a large task force. To ensure quality, manufacturers will be directly linked to the Federal Board of Revenue. This will ensure that a product being sold has the same quality as the one being imported and marketed.

Goals For The Year 2020:

By the end of the year, all electronic products will have to abide by minimum performance standards. This would be done by a monitoring mechanism that would lead to fines if not followed. The Government plans to ensure that these standards are taken seriously.

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