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Government to introduce a uniform syllabus across the country, says Shafqat Mehmood

  • The government is trying to eliminate the disparity among the provinces and aimed at developing a unanimity in the education system of the country, says education minister.
  • The government is working on various projects to enhance the quality of education in all faculties, he said.
Photo source Dawn.

The education sector of the country is full of so many ills including the syllabus disparity, missing facilities, lack of motivation and modern training to the faculty, out of the school children, more dependence on theories.

The two most significant concerns are that the existing education system neither prioritizes the character building of the students nor it pays any attention to train the students so as to become entrepreneurs instead of mere job seekers.

The Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood at the inaugural ceremony of National Institute of Virology (NIV) said that the government is trying to eliminate the disparity among the provinces and for this government is aimed at developing a unanimity in the education system of the country. He also said that the education sector should be free from politics.

The minister highlighted the salient features of the government’s educational policy and said that the government has taken major steps towards introducing a uniform syllabus within the country and working on various projects to enhance the quality of education in all faculties.

Minister also appreciated the establishment of the NIV and said that this modern institute would investigate the viral diseases and going to play a key role in the prevention and treatment of viral diseases in the country, Dawn reported.

He also called the establishment of NIV an admirable step, given the fact that a number of viral diseases have emerged as a major challenge for the existing problems of public health.

Chairperson of Dr. Panjwani Memorial Trust while talking at the eve highlighted that to develop new vaccines, antiviral therapies, and related diagnostic tools as the goal for developing the virology center. On the basis of findings of the institute, he added, the center will devise a strategy to cope with the viral diseases and would develop a rapid-response system to handle the outbreaks.

Tackling viral disease has become a serious challenge in Pakistan especially the highest prevalence of hepatitis in the world, said ICCBS director Prof Iqbal Chaudhary. He also said that polio is a cause of other severe health issues as the disease is still endemic in Pakistan.

More than 55 cases of polio have been reported within the country this year alone. The new facility is likely to contribute towards knowledge, policy, and practice and will help to bring improvements in the health system of the country.

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The experts at the event informed the audience that Pakistan was the fifth most populous country in the world with the high mortality rates for both communicable as well as for non-communicable diseases. In such a scenario, the emerging strains of infectious diseases are playing further havoc in the existing health system.

The most recent decision to bring about a dramatic change in the educational institutions by the PTI Government invited widespread criticism and the policy of protecting female students by necessitating the abayas to be the part of the new dress code ended in peril. Syllabus disparity is one of the grave problems that the entire education system is faced with and needs to be addressed in letter and spirit.

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