Government plans to make PIMS autonomous

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza hinted in his media briefing on Sunday.


  • Dr. Zafar Mirza hinted that the government will be making PIMS autonomous.
  • The federal government is planning to convert PIMS into a medical teaching institution (MTI).
  •  A board of governors would be established at MTI for the decision-making process.

Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza has claimed that the government is converting the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) into a medical teaching institution (MTI). While speaking to media sources after initiating a plantation drive at PIMS, he said that it is important for PIMS to be autonomous as major hospitals across the globe are run at their own.

“Here the medical superintendents and executive directors cannot take decisions. They cannot purchase medicine, start new facilities or hire staff. However, at MTI a board of governors would be established and the chief executive officer (CEO) would be appointed at the market-based salary.”

”The CEO would hire his own team to ensure service quality. The private practice would also be allowed in the hospital,” Dr. Zafar Mirza said.

Employees to be given a contractual job:

Speaking to a local news source, Dr. Mirza added that the employees in PIMS will be given a contractual job but on a comparatively higher salary. With that, they will also have a choice of continuing as government servants till the age of superannuation.

“However, those employees who refuse to opt for the contractual job can be transferred to any other public sector hospital. MTI is the best system and would not only improve service delivery but would also allow the hospital to generate revenue,” Dr. Mirza said.

It must be kept in consideration that employees of PIMS have been protesting over the last few months over the fear of privatization

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