Government of Pakistan Encourages Book Reading, People Appreciate The Gesture

Lack of reading culture in Pakistan, suppression of critical thinking and gauging intelligence using rote learning as a parameter are the three factors responsible for the decay of the education system in the country. With no change in our contemporary education techniques, there is zero per cent pessimism in saying that we are making the children incapacitated rather than equipped, making it impossible for them to compete in the modern world.

To change the trend in an unsupportive atmosphere where the system will take decades to alter and self-heal, there is only one way to induce these qualities in an individual i.e. through books.

Books open avenues of discussions, agreements and disagreements, questioning, critical evaluation and inspires you to analyze things from a different perspective. Not only does it add value to one’s personality, but it also makes a person more tolerant and accepting towards multiple viewpoints – something that Pakistan terribly needs at this points.

Letting go of our biases, we need to start understanding the present day events in a more rational manner because without it, existing Pakistan is an alien to 2018.

Detecting the need and urgency, for the first time, Government of Pakistan itself have indulged and encouraged people to rediscover the potential of reading.

Taking to Twitter, GOP shared a particular book ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari’ with a caption suggesting people read it, broaden the spheres of understanding to give growth a chance. Noah’s said book, with 4.45 rating on Good Reads, is an eloquent encounter of how Sapiens succeeded in seeking domination in the world. The book highlights crucial points of human history that lead to the existing infrastructure of the society.

The gesture from GOP inspired many and people were fascinated to see it coming, for the first time. Here is how people welcomed it:

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